Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Why Flat Out?

Why Flat Out? Because I often am!

That shouldn't be taken as meaning I hurtle through life, all hurtling on my part is done in a thoroughly uncontrolled manner and strictly inadvertently. Flat Out is more literally descriptive, I have a disabling spinal condition that means I spend much of my life flat on my back.

Flat Out is also the name of my existing main blog, but that one is predominantly focused on disability politics and fighting the savage cuts in disability benefits under the ConDems. And even that is simply to catch the overspill from my writing for Where's The Benefit, where, as DavidG, I'm one of a collective of disabled people blogging against the savage attacks by the ConDem government on disabled people.

OTOH,  disability politics aren't my only interest, nor most people's favourite cup of tea. I have a bunch of hobbies, several of which are art related: I write, mostly SF/F, and I spend as much time as I can manage using DAZ Studio to produce computer generated art, and I'm just starting to experiment with more traditional 2D art, albeit computerised again (working flat on your back doesn't translate that well into more traditional techniques - I'm in awe of what Frida Kahlo achieved while dealing with similar limitations, no surprise she's one of my artistic idols). Neither of those really fits well with disability and benefit politics, so putting them on the main blog doesn't seem like that good an idea, and as I have a few things I want to put out there, a separate blog seems like a good idea. I'm also going to use the blog as a vehicle for some reviewing.

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